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10 x Cherry Shrimp Mixed

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10 x Neocaridina Mixed (neocaridina davidi)

The Neocaridina shrimp is the most popular shrimp in the fish keeping hobby and is very easy to keep. They are peaceful in temperament and graze on naturally occurring algae in the aquarium. They are an easy breeder and it can be very easy to get a colony of these shrimp going! These shrimp come in a variety of colours such as, blue, red, yellow, orange & green. Our shrimp range in size from 2 – 4cm, the colours you could receive in this pack are... 

Light Red

Blue Diamond
Dark Blue, some light

Blue Jelly
Light blue, opaque

Bloody Mary
Deep Solid Red Colour

Light Green Natural Colour 

Light tangerine orange coloration 

Orange Rili
Half Orange and Half Clear

Black Chocolate
Midnight black coloration, with some slight blue / brown in them

Yellow Fire
Bright yellow / slightly opaque coloration 

Black Rili
Slight Blue / Black with Half Clear

Tank Mate Compatibility : Shrimp can be eaten by larger fish, wouldn't recommend keeping them with fish like Angels, Gauaramis, Discus or anything larger than the shrimp. Shrimp can co exist with fish, especially guppies, tetras, rasboras, anything small which wouldn't be a threat to them. Providing your shrimp with hiding spots will help and the fish won't be able to pester them. Baby shrimp will most likely be eaten by any fish, so its advised to have a shrimp only tank if you wish to breed.

Feeding : You can feed your shrimp algae flakes, blanched vegetables, and all types of foods. Feeding once per day or even every other day should be enough, Shrimp will feed off natural fauna and algae. We sell a range of foods, which are great for shrimp! 

Recommended Water parameters: Fresh Water | 19-24˚C Degrees | PH Range 6.5 - 8.0 | Ammonia 0ppm | Nitrite 0ppm | Nitrate Below 20ppm

Our Tank Water parameters: Fresh Water | 19-24˚C Degrees | PH Range 7.2



You cannot get different colours by mixing neocaridina, if two colours breed together you will get wild coloured shrimp which are brown. They were originally discovered in the rivers of Taiwan & then selectively bred in farms to get the colours we see today.

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